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The New Cardinals of the Catholic Church

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle (Philippines)

James Michael Cardinal Harvey (United States)

His Beatitude Bechara Cardinal Rai (Lebanon)

John Olorunfemi Cardinal Onaiyekan (Nigeria)

Ruben Cardinal Salazar Gomez (Colombia)

His Beatitude Baselios Cardinal Thottunkal (India)


Advent is around the corner

Construction has already begun on the oversize nativity set in St. Peter’s Square


Catholic Priesthood (Official Promotion Video)

For the Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana(Dioecesis Lafayettensis in Indiana)


Pope’s Message on World Day of Prayer for Vocations

“The Lord is always calling,” but today we are distracted and “we are afraid to hear” the voice of God “because we think it might take away our freedom.” Those were Pope Benedict’s words at the Regina Coeli on Sunday as he invited people to have courage, in recognizing God’s voice.



Cardinal Dolan, TIME Magazine Person of the Year?

This video from Rome Reports states that Cardinal Dolan receive more votes than President Obama and Lady Gaga on a list of 100 influential people. Now the final choice will be made by the TIME magazine editors.


Urbi et Orbi Blessing from Pope Benedict

At 12Noon on Easter and Christmas Day, the Pope delivers the Urbi et Orbi(to the City and to the World) blessing. The actual blessing begins at minute 18:52 in the video.

Before the blessing, the Pope addressed the world and spoke on current human rights issues including those in Israel, Palestine, Syria, South Sudan, and the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Plenary Indulgence: Those who are in a state of grace, meaning without mortal sin, are prayerfully granted a plenary indulgence, which is the remission of sins and time in purgatory. The word indulgence comes from Isiah 61:1 where in Latin is says “indulgentiam” meaning “release from captivity.” (Catholic Encyclopedia). It is NOT a permission to commit sin, and is not the evil and invalid indulgences as issued by corrupt officials in the Church many centuries ago.

Urbi et Orbi in English:
May the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, in whose power and authority we have confidence, intercede on our behalf to the Lord. -Amen

Through the prayers and merits of the Blessed Mary Continue reading


The Light is On for You

Have you been to confession this Lent?