A Catholic’s Summoning to Politics

In the strict sense of the word “vocation”, God summons some with the duty of serving in politics. It’s an ugly, atrocious, exhaustive path filled with vipers, but that is because there is so much that can be done with that skill to serve the greater good and promote human rights. Vatican Council II confirmed that the Church does need some politicians – they are a critical voice in this world that lacks charity, and must do so without regard to self. Contrary to popular belief, not all politicians are corrupt. In fact, many are there to be warriors for God and to do so to complete exhaustion for the sake of charity without regard to self.


Here is a passage from Gaudium et Spes, a document of Vatican Council II

All Christians must be aware of their own specific vocation in the political community…Great care must be taken about civic and political formation, which is of the utmost necessity today for the population as a whole, and especially for youth, so that all citizens can play their part in the life of the political community. Those who are suited or can become suited should prepare themselves for the difficult, but at the same time, the very noble art of politics,(8) and should seek to practice this art without regard for their own interests or for material advantages. With integrity and wisdom, they must take action against any form of injustice and tyranny, against arbitrary domination by an individual or a political party and any intolerance. They should dedicate themselves to the service of all with sincerity and fairness, indeed, with the charity and fortitude demanded by political life.


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